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Spring Sales




36" x 10" Aspen Floating Wall Shelf


24" x 10" X 2" Chicago Floating Wall Shelf


36" x 12" Houston Floating Wall Shelf





Dimensions:36"x 10" x 1 1/8"

Dimensions: 24"L x 10"D x 2"T

Dimensions:36"L x 12"D x 2"T

36 inch Beveled Floating Shelf

60 inch Crown Molding Floating Wall Shelf

Photo Ledge 58 inch

36 inch Beveled Floating Shelf


Crown Molding Wall Shelf 60 inch


Photo Ledge 58 inch





Condition:Brand New
Dimensions:36"L x 8"D x 1.25"T
Loading Weight:30 lbs

Condition:Brand New
Dimensions:60"L x 5 1/4"D x 3 1/4"T
Loading Weight:30 lbs

Condition:Brand New
Dimensions: 2" x 4" x 58"
Loading Weight:30 lbs


24 inch Taylor Display Shelf

Wine Rack Glass Holder Set for Sale

58.25" Tree Shape Free Standing Coat Rack


Taylor Display Shelf 24 inch


22x11x5 1/4" Wine Rack Glass Holder Set for Sale





Size: 0.5 "T x 58.25"H x 21"W
Condition: Brand New

Condition:Brand New
Dimensions:3"D x 12"H x 24"W

Size: 5.0"T x 11"D x 22"L (include metal racks)
        2 1/2"T x 11"D x 22"L (exclude metal racks)
Material: Hardwood
Condition: Brand New

sidewall vent

4x12-inch Self Rimming Floor Registers vent


4"x10" Wood Side Wall Register



4"x12"Self Rimming Hardwood Floor Register


5/8" Thick Frame 4×10 Flush Mount Floor Register
Unfinished without grooves on outside edge of frame


Now: $12.99

Now: $15.99

Now: $11.99


Vents Spring Promtion for U


2011 Last Promotion Week

Ennospace 4x10-inch Flush Mount Floor Registers Brand New Wood Vent Hardwood Register Solid Wood

Ennospace 4×10-inch Flush Mount Floor Registers Brand New Wood Vent Hardwood Register Solid Wood

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price: $13.99

Ennospace 4x12-inch Flush Mount Floor Registers Hardwood Vents Brand New Solid Wood Register Vent

Ennospace 4×12-inch Flush Mount Floor Registers Hardwood Vents Brand New Solid Wood Register Vent

Regular Price: $20.99

Special Price: $16.99

Ennospace 4x14-inch Flush Mount Floor Registers Brand New Hardwood Vent Solid Wood Register

Ennospace 4×14-inch Flush Mount Floor Registers Brand New Hardwood Vent Solid Wood Register

Regular Price: $21.99

Special Price: $13.99

Ennospace 4x10-inch Self Rimming Floor Vents Brand New Hardwood Floor Register Solid Wood Vents

Ennospace 4×10-inch Self Rimming Floor Vents Brand New Hardwood Floor Register Solid Wood Vents

Regular Price: $17.99

Special Price: $12.99

Ennospace 2x14-inch Self Rimming Floor Vents Hardwood Brand New Floor Registers Solid Wood

Ennospace 2×14-inch Self Rimming Floor Vents Hardwood Brand New Floor Registers Solid Wood

Regular Price: $16.99

Special Price: $10.99


Ennospace 4x12-inch Self Rimming Wood Vents Hardwood Brand New Floor Register Solid Wood Vent

Ennospace 4×12-inch Self Rimming Wood Vents Hardwood Brand New Floor Register Solid Wood Vent

Regular Price: $18.99

Special Price: $15.99

5/8″ Thickness Flush Mount Floor Register

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A flush mount floor register sits flush with 5/8″ Engineered flooring.

It is designed to lay flat with the surface of the wood flooring, provides two way diffusion. There are no grooves on the outside of the frame, so it is ideal for using with unfinished engineered flooring

It is recommended that this floor register be installed during the installation of your hardwood floor, while the use in traffic area is not recommended.The end result is a beautiful, smooth (built-in) look that cannot be achieved with dropped in vents.




The Different Types of Vent Covers

Vent covers are made for both register vents and return air vents. There are several different types of vents and therefore several different types of vent covers. Vent covers might be made of wood or metal and are designed to simply cover a vent, giving it a finished look rather than leaving a hole in the wall, floor, or ceiling.

When selecting vent covers for your register vents and return air vents, it is important to pay attention to the types of vents you have. Vent covers for floor registers are made to fit the opening and simply rest in the hole, usually with no means of attachment because gravity holds them in place. On the contrary, a vent cover for a wall or ceiling vent will be designed to permanently attach to the wall or ceiling so it won’t fall out.

Several different styles of vent covers are available for the home, ranging from simple to decorative. Basic vent covers are typically made of metal and come in a variety of finishes, including coated white, brass, almond, and bronze. You should choose the finish that best matches your décor because, though painting metal vent covers is possible, it doesn’t last long. The paint will chip and become unsightly long before the wall or ceiling needs to be repainted.

Wood vent covers are significantly more expensive than metal, but they can be stained or painted to match the interior, and it will last for a long time. There are many hardwood floor, ceiling and wall vent covers at the floor register store, if you need any wood floor, ceiling or wall register, welcome to visit the floor register store, I am sure you’ll be satisified with the sizes and species the floor register store have.

Introduction of Birch Species

Birch is a tree or shrub of the genus Betula, in the family Betulaceae, closely related to the beech/oak family, Fagaceae. The Betula genus contains 30–60 known taxa. It is widespread on the Northern Hemisphere, across a variety of boreal, mountainous and temperate climates.

Birch species are generally small to medium-size trees or shrubs, mostly of temperate climates. The simple leaves may be toothed or pointed. The fruit is a small samara, although the wings may be obscure in some species. They differ from the alders in that the female catkins are not woody and disintegrate at maturity, falling apart to release the seeds, unlike the woody cone-like female alder catkins.

The bark of all birches is characteristically marked with long horizontal lenticels, and often separates into thin papery plates, especially upon the Paper Birch. It is practically imperishable, due to the resinous oil which it contains. Its decided color gives the common names gray, white, black, silver and yellow birch to different species.

Birch wood is fine-grained and pale in colour, often with an attractive satin-like sheen. Ripple figuring may occur, increasing the value of the timber for veneer and furniture-making. The highly-decorative Masur (or Karelian) birch, from Betula verrucosa var. carelica has ripple texture combined with attractive dark streaks and lines. Birch wood is suitable for veneer, and birch ply is among the strongest and most dimensionally-stable plywoods, although it is unsuitable for exterior use.

There is only a 2×12″ unfinished red birch flush mount floor register at our online store, if you just need it, welcome to visit our store, there are also many other floor vents made of different species to meet your need.


Maintaining of floor registers

It could extand service duration of floor register if you can maintain the floor register often. By the way, taking care of your floor registers is easy and simple.

Vent covers are easily detachable and can be vacuumed with a pointed vacuum attachment that comes with most vacuum cleaners. Vacuuming your floor register takes care of the dust that may accumulate inside.

If you have a filter in your heat register, you can easily change it by taking out the register from the air duct, taking the old filter out, and snapping the new filter in its place. This is usually done once per season, as the filter pack contains 4 snap-on filters.

To give your register that extra shine, you don’t need anything special. Grab a wet cloth and gently polish the floor grate. If it is really stained and murky, use a cleaning formula. Take care as to not over-polish the floor register, as you may deteriorate the vent paint cover.

While, if your floor register is really old enough, why not choose a new floor register to refresh the looking in your home? Welcome to visit our online store.

Tips for floor register selection

When you choose a Floor Registers, it should accent a room with a style and finish that matches the scheme of that room.

Rooms with carpeting will use a different floor register that a room that has wood floors such as typical dining room and kitchen areas. By choosing a decorative register to match that specific type of flooring, you will achieve the best overall look for the room.

If you have hardwood flooring in a certain room of your home that has been stained with an unknown color, simply get an unfinished wood floor register and have someone match a stain to your floor. There are many unfinished floor vents at the floor register store.

Also, the floor vent should match to other items in the room like cabinets, shelving and wallpaper.

Match ceiling and wall grilles to blend with the room’s new look. The floor register store has many ceiling vents, wall grills and floor register that are made of the same species, such as Red oak, White oak, American cherry, Brazilian cherry, American walnut, Brazilian walnut,Maple and so on.

In most cases, a straightforward design with blended accessories will give the most practical look that you and the rest of your family can live with for years to come.

If there are more good tips for floor register selection, welcome to share at this blog toghter.

Materials Used to Make a Floor Register or Wall Vent II

Steele is used only after being specially prepared to withstand the temperature variation that is required in the place of the floor register. Although physically durable metal, it is very much effected by natural forces that are abundant for any vent cover and thus requires special preparation. Steel is a good material due to its easily paintable properties as well. So even though it is not as good looking as Brass and not as versatile as aluminum, it is relatively cheaper and is a popular choice for a floor vent built.

Wood is the material for looks and quality. No metal or plastic can give you the cozy feeling of a wood register. Oak, maple, walnut, hickory and cherry are main wood materials used by Ennospace. Some others also include bamboo, beech, and birch. Wood also has an added versatility due to its staining properties. By staining your wooden floor register you can give it absolutely any look you want.

Plastic is the least expensive material of them all. The plastic used for floor register is specially designed to withstand temperature changes and thus is a perfect choice for anyone with a smaller budget. The only drawback of the plastic floor register is its looks. The technology has simply not come this far to mimic real material with plastic well. For any other practical purposes it is a fantastic supplement.

Materials Used to Make a Floor Register or Wall Vent I

The art of building a good floor register comes from physics. Because of the added control and the location, wall and floor registers are subjected to a constant change in air pressure, temperature, and sometimes even physical force. This means that vent cover must be built with care and an accent on quality and longevity.

The materials must be carefully selected for their ability to withstand temperature variations, physical force and be air resistant at the same time. One cannot just take a piece of steel and place it to cover the vent opening. That steel will warp, twist, rust, and eventually fall out of the air duct forcing you to rapidly replace it.

Solid Brass is the sturdiest of them all. It allows for amazing durability and air resistance while keeping the cost of the material relatively low. Brass is also known as a rich looking metal and gives the room that it is in an appearance of quality and high value.

Solid Aluminum is another metal used to make floor registers and cold air returns. It is not as durable as Solid Brass and is not as rich looking but it still does the job. Easily paintable it has the ability to be put almost into any atmosphere and thus possesses a touch of versatility in its use as a vent cover.