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Spring Sales




36" x 10" Aspen Floating Wall Shelf


24" x 10" X 2" Chicago Floating Wall Shelf


36" x 12" Houston Floating Wall Shelf





Dimensions:36"x 10" x 1 1/8"

Dimensions: 24"L x 10"D x 2"T

Dimensions:36"L x 12"D x 2"T

36 inch Beveled Floating Shelf

60 inch Crown Molding Floating Wall Shelf

Photo Ledge 58 inch

36 inch Beveled Floating Shelf


Crown Molding Wall Shelf 60 inch


Photo Ledge 58 inch





Condition:Brand New
Dimensions:36"L x 8"D x 1.25"T
Loading Weight:30 lbs

Condition:Brand New
Dimensions:60"L x 5 1/4"D x 3 1/4"T
Loading Weight:30 lbs

Condition:Brand New
Dimensions: 2" x 4" x 58"
Loading Weight:30 lbs


24 inch Taylor Display Shelf

Wine Rack Glass Holder Set for Sale

58.25" Tree Shape Free Standing Coat Rack


Taylor Display Shelf 24 inch


22x11x5 1/4" Wine Rack Glass Holder Set for Sale





Size: 0.5 "T x 58.25"H x 21"W
Condition: Brand New

Condition:Brand New
Dimensions:3"D x 12"H x 24"W

Size: 5.0"T x 11"D x 22"L (include metal racks)
        2 1/2"T x 11"D x 22"L (exclude metal racks)
Material: Hardwood
Condition: Brand New

sidewall vent

4x12-inch Self Rimming Floor Registers vent


4"x10" Wood Side Wall Register



4"x12"Self Rimming Hardwood Floor Register


5/8" Thick Frame 4×10 Flush Mount Floor Register
Unfinished without grooves on outside edge of frame


Now: $12.99

Now: $15.99

Now: $11.99


Vents Spring Promtion for U


Great Promotion–only 2 days

Ennospace 6x12-inch Floor Register Damper Floor Vents Metal Damper Brand New

Ennospace 6×12-inch Floor Register Damper Floor Vents Metal Damper Brand New

Regular Price: $9.00

Special Price: $5.99

Ennospace 6 x 12-inch Side Wall Vents Hardwood Sidewall Vent Brand New Solid Wood

Ennospace 6 x 12-inch Side Wall Vents Hardwood Sidewall Vent Brand New Solid Wood

Regular Price: $24.99

Special Price: $14.99

Ennospace 18 in. New Style Baseboard Diffuser Brand New Baseboard Register

Ennospace 18 in. New Style Baseboard Diffuser Brand New Baseboard Register

Regular Price: $27.99

Special Price: $19.99

Three Days Only

Although thanks giving day is gone, promotion is still going on, and there are only three days left! So come on, as you catch the holidays to catch the big promotion!!

Thanks Giving Day Promotion

It is thanks giving day today, there are so many promotions for different items, even floor register. I have found the following stores with big promotion for floor registers, if anyone needs floor registers now, it is the time to buy!!

myinnospacestore, ennospace


5/8″ Thickness Flush Mount Floor Register

There is super promotion on ebay store, buy more save more.

A flush mount floor register sits flush with 5/8″ Engineered flooring.

It is designed to lay flat with the surface of the wood flooring, provides two way diffusion. There are no grooves on the outside of the frame, so it is ideal for using with unfinished engineered flooring

It is recommended that this floor register be installed during the installation of your hardwood floor, while the use in traffic area is not recommended.The end result is a beautiful, smooth (built-in) look that cannot be achieved with dropped in vents.




Round air diffusers

Round air diffusers

Wood air diffusers are designed to direct airflow in one or two directions. They maybe used in either a supply or return air application and can be installed in ceilings or walls. It is a great option for filling your remodeling or building needs. Made of solid wood from domestic and exotic, these vents give warmth to your home. These wall mounted vents can be also used as speaker grilles, lighting grilles or for other decorative architectural applications.

These functional vents and registers are designed to apply to ceilings and walls. They are available in different styles, sizes and finishes, air filter function is also available in some styles. There are one way air flow as well as adjustable direction air flow. Handcrafted, these returns provide an aesthetically pleasing look to any home.

Round air diffusers, slotted from one piece solid wood

wood air diffusers, wood air vents, wood air registers, wood wall grilles,manufacturer, supplier
wood air diffusers, wood air vents, wood air registers, wood wall grilles,manufacturer, supplier

Specifications  6″, 8″   

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Species  Red oak, white oak

Finishes  Unfinished or clear finished

Install a Ceiling Vent in a Bathroom

Proper airflow to and from a bathroom is crucial to the unending fight against mold and mildew formation. Steam in a bathroom raises the humidity, a condition in which mold and mildew flourish. An external vent will allow moist air to escape the bathroom before the moisture in the air condenses and begins to drip. Besides mold, excess bathroom moisture may warp doors, peel paint, or cause loss of adhesion to wallpaper. Several types of vents are on the market and installation details vary. However, generally the process is the same for all types.

Open the vent kit and remove the template for the hole required through the ceiling. Use a stud sensor to locate a ceiling joist as the vent housing will need to be connected to one. Mark the outline of the hole to be cut. If there is no template, note the location of the stud, and hold the housing up to the ceiling to trace it.
  • Cut out the opening along the line marked earlier with a drywall saw or other appropriate cutting tool. Be sure when cutting that the drywall doesn’t crack or break and leave a jagged appearance.
  •  Insert the vent housing into the newly cut opening. The kit will likely include fasteners for securing the housing to the joist.

  • Attach the vent unit to the housing following the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Fasten the vent grill over the main vent body.

  • Enter the attic or ceiling area. To the attic-facing end of the vent, attach flexible duct material, usually made from plastic and made in an accordion fashion. Pliers may be required to get it in place and attached easily.

  • Clamp the other end of the ducting to the nearest soffit vent and allow the vented inside air to dispel under-the-roof overhang. This will eliminate the need for a separate external vent.

Pictures for Roof Vents

I have found some pictures of different style ceiling vents to share together!!

You can choose the shape of roof vents to match your ceiling design, it is OK for you to choose a one you like but not match the design, who will care about it except you. Only if the vent works well is enough!!

roof vent

roof vent



Install a Roof Vent in a Pop-Up Camper

A pop-up camper has most of the amenities larger recreational vehicles have. It helps keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. It is important to consider adding extra ventilation on the roof to keep air flow moving through the unit. This project is easy enough to do by yourself. Keep in mind that the trickiest part is cutting the hole in the roof for the vent to fit. If you’re nervous about cutting the roof, seek a professional for this step.

Raise the roof of the pop-up camper and lock into position, locate the area you wish to install the vent without getting in the way of any electrical wiring. Please pay attention to electrical wiring, it is really dangerously.

Use a template of the vent to cut a hole with a saw. Drills holes inside of the corners of the roof to make it easier to drill the hole. Clean off shavings using a broom.

Apply sealant on top of roof using a caulk gun or brush (depending on what sealant you decide to use). Make the seal tight to avoid leakage.

Place the top portion of vent properly in place, go inside and fasten the bottom portion in place using the screwdriver. Test the unit to assure it works.

For more wood roof vents, floor registers, sidewall vents, and baseboard diffusers, please to visit the floorregisterstore.