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36" x 10" Aspen Floating Wall Shelf


24" x 10" X 2" Chicago Floating Wall Shelf


36" x 12" Houston Floating Wall Shelf





Dimensions:36"x 10" x 1 1/8"

Dimensions: 24"L x 10"D x 2"T

Dimensions:36"L x 12"D x 2"T

36 inch Beveled Floating Shelf

60 inch Crown Molding Floating Wall Shelf

Photo Ledge 58 inch

36 inch Beveled Floating Shelf


Crown Molding Wall Shelf 60 inch


Photo Ledge 58 inch





Condition:Brand New
Dimensions:36"L x 8"D x 1.25"T
Loading Weight:30 lbs

Condition:Brand New
Dimensions:60"L x 5 1/4"D x 3 1/4"T
Loading Weight:30 lbs

Condition:Brand New
Dimensions: 2" x 4" x 58"
Loading Weight:30 lbs


24 inch Taylor Display Shelf

Wine Rack Glass Holder Set for Sale

58.25" Tree Shape Free Standing Coat Rack


Taylor Display Shelf 24 inch


22x11x5 1/4" Wine Rack Glass Holder Set for Sale





Size: 0.5 "T x 58.25"H x 21"W
Condition: Brand New

Condition:Brand New
Dimensions:3"D x 12"H x 24"W

Size: 5.0"T x 11"D x 22"L (include metal racks)
        2 1/2"T x 11"D x 22"L (exclude metal racks)
Material: Hardwood
Condition: Brand New

sidewall vent

4x12-inch Self Rimming Floor Registers vent


4"x10" Wood Side Wall Register



4"x12"Self Rimming Hardwood Floor Register


5/8" Thick Frame 4×10 Flush Mount Floor Register
Unfinished without grooves on outside edge of frame


Now: $12.99

Now: $15.99

Now: $11.99



Vents Spring Promtion for U


5/8″ Thickness Flush Mount Floor Register

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A flush mount floor register sits flush with 5/8″ Engineered flooring.

It is designed to lay flat with the surface of the wood flooring, provides two way diffusion. There are no grooves on the outside of the frame, so it is ideal for using with unfinished engineered flooring

It is recommended that this floor register be installed during the installation of your hardwood floor, while the use in traffic area is not recommended.The end result is a beautiful, smooth (built-in) look that cannot be achieved with dropped in vents.




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4×12-inch White Oak Hardwood Flush Mount Floor Register

4x12-inch Hardwood Flush Mount Floor Register


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4×10-inch Hickory Hardwood Flush Mount Floor Register


4x10-inch Hickory Hardwood Flush Mount Floor Register

Self rimming floor vents

Self rimming floor vents

floor vents

Self rimming vent, also call drop-in vent or surface mount vent, is one that sits on the surface of an installed floor. It simply drops in to an opening cut in the existing floor and is a preferred style for most flooring surfaces. It can be used with new or existing hardwood flooring, laminate, carpet, tile, or vinyl, with the rim of the vent neatly concealing the cut edge of the finish flooring. It rims the floor much like the metal vents and adds the perfectly finished touch to any floor covering. This vent is not recommended for use in traffic areas.

Specifications 2×10″, 2×12″, 2×14″, 3×10″, 4×10″, 4×12″, 4×14″, 6×10″, 6×12″, 6×14″

Measure the opening in your floor, wall or ceiling. The width and length of your opening should match the duct opening sizes. For example, if the opening size is 4″x10″, then you should order a 4×10 floor register.

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Species Click the following species to know more product information.

santos-mahogany floor vent
Santos mahogany floor vent

Finishes Finely sanded, Unfinished

Dampers Metal dampers are available for any size of floor vents. They are easy handling and fuctional. Please see the below instruction for the sliding metal damper. Click here to see how this sliding metal damper works.

metal damper

The Different Types of Vent Covers

Vent covers are made for both register vents and return air vents. There are several different types of vents and therefore several different types of vent covers. Vent covers might be made of wood or metal and are designed to simply cover a vent, giving it a finished look rather than leaving a hole in the wall, floor, or ceiling.

When selecting vent covers for your register vents and return air vents, it is important to pay attention to the types of vents you have. Vent covers for floor registers are made to fit the opening and simply rest in the hole, usually with no means of attachment because gravity holds them in place. On the contrary, a vent cover for a wall or ceiling vent will be designed to permanently attach to the wall or ceiling so it won’t fall out.

Several different styles of vent covers are available for the home, ranging from simple to decorative. Basic vent covers are typically made of metal and come in a variety of finishes, including coated white, brass, almond, and bronze. You should choose the finish that best matches your décor because, though painting metal vent covers is possible, it doesn’t last long. The paint will chip and become unsightly long before the wall or ceiling needs to be repainted.

Wood vent covers are significantly more expensive than metal, but they can be stained or painted to match the interior, and it will last for a long time. There are many hardwood floor, ceiling and wall vent covers at the floor register store, if you need any wood floor, ceiling or wall register, welcome to visit the floor register store, I am sure you’ll be satisified with the sizes and species the floor register store have.