Install a Ceiling Vent in a Bathroom

Proper airflow to and from a bathroom is crucial to the unending fight against mold and mildew formation. Steam in a bathroom raises the humidity, a condition in which mold and mildew flourish. An external vent will allow moist air to escape the bathroom before the moisture in the air condenses and begins to drip. Besides mold, excess bathroom moisture may warp doors, peel paint, or cause loss of adhesion to wallpaper. Several types of vents are on the market and installation details vary. However, generally the process is the same for all types.

Open the vent kit and remove the template for the hole required through the ceiling. Use a stud sensor to locate a ceiling joist as the vent housing will need to be connected to one. Mark the outline of the hole to be cut. If there is no template, note the location of the stud, and hold the housing up to the ceiling to trace it.
  • Cut out the opening along the line marked earlier with a drywall saw or other appropriate cutting tool. Be sure when cutting that the drywall doesn’t crack or break and leave a jagged appearance.
  •  Insert the vent housing into the newly cut opening. The kit will likely include fasteners for securing the housing to the joist.

  • Attach the vent unit to the housing following the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Fasten the vent grill over the main vent body.

  • Enter the attic or ceiling area. To the attic-facing end of the vent, attach flexible duct material, usually made from plastic and made in an accordion fashion. Pliers may be required to get it in place and attached easily.

  • Clamp the other end of the ducting to the nearest soffit vent and allow the vented inside air to dispel under-the-roof overhang. This will eliminate the need for a separate external vent.

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