How to Stop the Air Flow From a Ceiling Air Diffuser

A ceiling air diffuser will sometimes leak air even when it is closed. A magnetic vent cover will seal around the opening of the air diffuser to stop unwanted air flow. You will save money when you install a magnetic vent cover in a room you do not want to heat. The magnetic vent covers come in different sizes, such as 8 inch-by-24 inch, 8 inch-by-32 inch and 24 inch-by-30 inch. The covers can be cut to fit a custom size air diffuser.

 Measure the length and width of the air diffuser. Purchase the size needed at your local hardware store. If the hardware store does not carry the size you need, get the next size up.Remove the air diffuser from the packaging. If necessary, transfer your measurements onto the magnetic vent cover. Using a straight edge, draw a straight line indicating the desired measurement.

Cut the magnetic vent cover, using scissors or a utility knife, on the measured lines. Place the magnetic vent cover over the air diffuser. The magnetic vent cover will seal around the air diffuser.


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