How to Repair a Plugged Roof Vent

The vent on the roofs of most buildings provides proper air pressure throughout the plumbing system, and allows sewer gases to escape. When plugged, the plumbing fixtures in the building experience problems such as slow flushing and draining, and gurgling. Sewer gases may seep into the building, causing a health hazard. Roof vents may become clogged with leaves or seeds, or from nesting insects or birds. Climb onto the roof to repair the plugged vent.

Shine the flashlight into the ventstack and look for obvious debris. Pull it out by hand, if possible.Insert the plumber’s snake into the stack. Be careful, as some vent systems have elbows and turns in the system.

Turn the snake counterclockwise when you encounter resistance. This loosens the debris.

Pull the snake out of the vent to remove the debris. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the blockage is gone.

Insert the hose about 3 feet down into the stack. Turn on the water supply and allow any debris remaining in the vent to be flushed out of the system.


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