Install a Roof Vent in a Pop-Up Camper

A pop-up camper has most of the amenities larger recreational vehicles have. It helps keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. It is important to consider adding extra ventilation on the roof to keep air flow moving through the unit. This project is easy enough to do by yourself. Keep in mind that the trickiest part is cutting the hole in the roof for the vent to fit. If you’re nervous about cutting the roof, seek a professional for this step.

Raise the roof of the pop-up camper and lock into position, locate the area you wish to install the vent without getting in the way of any electrical wiring. Please pay attention to electrical wiring, it is really dangerously.

Use a template of the vent to cut a hole with a saw. Drills holes inside of the corners of the roof to make it easier to drill the hole. Clean off shavings using a broom.

Apply sealant on top of roof using a caulk gun or brush (depending on what sealant you decide to use). Make the seal tight to avoid leakage.

Place the top portion of vent properly in place, go inside and fasten the bottom portion in place using the screwdriver. Test the unit to assure it works.

For more wood roof vents, floor registers, sidewall vents, and baseboard diffusers, please to visit the floorregisterstore.


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