How to Install a Gable Roof Vent

Gable roof vents are installed through the siding near the top of the house. They provide added ventilation to a house and help circulate the hot attic air out during the summer months. These vents are installed in the wall between the studs and are controlled by a thermostat or wall switch. Installing a gable vent can cut down on energy costs.

  Locate a spot in the attic where the vent will be installed and hammer a nail through the center of that spot. Find the nail along the outside of the house and line up the gable vent at the desired spot. Outline the vent with a pencil and cut along the line with a jigsaw to create the opening for the vent. Line up the vent louver panel in the opening and set it in place. Drill two screws into each side of the vent to secure it to the wall. Add horizontal studs just above the louvered panel on the inside of the house. Cut the studs to size with a circular saw and install them between the vertical studs above and below the vent louver panel.

Set the gable vent fan into place from the inside so it matches up with the louver panel that was installed from the outside. Insert screws through the mounting flanges and into the horizontal and vertical studs.

Shut off the power at the circuit breaker and run the provided cable to a nearby junction box. Wire the thermostat according to the manufacturer’s directions. The stripped wire ends should be inserted into a terminal bar and screwed down tight.

Adjust the thermostat control to the desired setting and turn the power back on. Allow the vent time to kick on, then make sure it is working properly.


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