Add a High Wall Return Vent

Nowadays, there are variety of vent covers available that will match the interior of your home. Air vents are generally made of cheap and unattractive steel and painted with neutral industrial colors. But hardwood vents are hot on the market now and are very popular with do-it-yourselfers.

To remove the damaged vent, and clean the duct opening, then you can begin to attach the new hardwood vent.

Pull the duct with string up to the vent hole and with plastic ties attach to a stud every few feet so that it hangs tight.

Seal the new duct to the vent in place with plastic ties. Fasten securely since gravity will pull the flex pipe downward.

Clip the plastic ties at the end and use aluminum tape to seal everything tight. You will need to burnish with a plastic rib.

Hold the new vent in place with a wooden frame. Measure the hole accurately, nail the frame together and then nail the frame into the vent hole.

Fill in gaps in the wall with insulated duct board. You will need to cut the board to size.

Prepare to seal the vent with mastic adhesive cement in order to prevent any air leaks. Once the cement has dried, replace the grate.


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