Install Wall Vents

In the United States typical home, there are some vents on certain walls throughout the home. Depending on the duct system the vents are hooked up to, they will either supply air from or return air to the furnace. The wall vents are the decorative part of the heating and air conditioning system, much like outlet covers are to electrical outlets.

Following the steps as below, wall vents could be installed easily.

First, measure the opening in the wall that the wall vent will cover. Measure the width and the height. When sizing wall vents, the width is the first number mentioned. If you measured an opening 10 inches wide by 4 inches high, look for a vent labeled as a 10-by-4 model.

Second, determine if the vent will cover a supply air or return air duct opening. Turn the furnace on. If air blows out of the opening, it’s a supply air duct opening. If air is sucked in, it’s a return air duct opening.

Third, purchase the correct size and type of vent from your local home improvement store, or from professional online wood wall vents store.

Then, look over your vent. You’ll notice that the back side has a rectangular frame that will slide into the wall opening.

At last, slide the rectangular frame into the wall opening until the vent is flush with the wall. Screw one side into the wall. Position a level on top of the vent and adjust until it is level. Screw the other side into the wall. Use the screws that came with the vent.

Perfect, all have done, and it is a really easy work.


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