How to Cover Cold Air Returns

Cold air returns are vents in your home that pull cold air into the heating/air conditioning system. The air temperature is then regulated and pushed back into your home through the vents. Using a cover on your cold air return serves many purposes, including adding a touch of home design as well as facilitating good ventilation to the heating or air conditioning unit without leaving a large hole in your wall, ceiling, or floor.

First, you have to wipe out the cold air return itself. This will help remove some of the harmful dust and germs that may be lingering at the front of your air return.

Then wipe out around the cold air return. Returns that are not covered can get messy, especially if you have children or if the return is on the floor. It is important to clean the area before applying a cover to avoid the bacteria that may begin to grow there.

Remember to unwrap any packaging from the return cover. Sometimes they can be completely wrapped in plastic, and other times they may just have a piece of paper or cardboard wrapped around them. Discard the packaging.

Place the cover over the return and push on the sides until it pops into place. Sometimes the return cover will have small holes meant for screws or nails. If your model has these, screw or nail the cover in place. It is a easy task.

There are many louvered design cold air returns at the floor register store, which is made of hardwood. All the vents are unfinished, so it is a great choice, especially for some home design. It allows to be stained as possible.


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