The Importance of Cold Air Return Vents

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have any pipes, cables, wall plugs, or air vents on show in our homes, but as they’re part of the household infrastructure, the best we can do is tidy them up, conceal them where possible, and blend them in to the theme of the space. Air return vents do a great job at ventilating building which have inadequate ventilation, and remember, even a cold air return vents can have their slats adjusted whenever a cold winds whips through that side of the building. If your home has trouble breathing, then cold air return vents are not an option, but a must have!

It wasn’t all that long ago when air return vents were nothing more than cheap plastic covers which did little or nothing to blend in to the theme of a room. Most were somewhat unsightly to say the least, but in many homes were considered as a necessary evil. Don’t worry, the cold air return vents at the floor register store are all made of hardwood, which is unfinished at all, so you can stain them to blend in to the design in your home.  Return air vents are crucial to the free flow of air in a room as they allow the space to breath, and this is not only good for ventilation, but for your health too!

In some homes, the residents were in poor health, oftentimes caused by various forms of mildew, all of which were thriving and releasing toxic spores into the house. The main reason these fungi got so rampant was down to very poor ventilation. Once these homes were gutted, dried out, and decontaminated, they were fitted with decorative air return vents and a new return air grille if needed for cooling of heating systems installed in the house. Once done, the problems with mildew and poor ventilation were history.

So, first, install necessary cold air return vents in every room, and then clean or change these vents on time to keep health.

8 x 16-inch Cold Air Return Vent 8 x 24-inch Cold Air Return Vent


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