Self Replace Existing Floor Register

When installing new floorings, many overlook replacing existing floor registers with ones that complement their new flooring and home decor. Fortunately, this is something you can do yourselves.

First step: determine the size of the register.

Remove the original vent cover to expose the ventilation opening. Measure the length and width of the opening. Subtract 1/8″ to 1/4″(depending on how square the opening is) and this is the inside dimensions for the new floor registers. Reinstall old register until you get the new ones.

Second step: select a register with right size.

floor registers of the Floor Vents Store are designed to fit the standard openings used in most homes. A wide variety of designs and species are available. Most of floor vents of the floor vents Store are unfinished, so you can stain it in order to match your design. There are also many finished floor register for you to choose.

Last step: unpack and install.

Registers come fully assembled. Simply drop into place, then all works have done.


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